Wednesday, December 24, 2008

white chRistmAs

a late happy birthday glenn. sorry these are so late, but i had to post them...

notice that there are no candles?

haha. poor senile old einstein. just kidding. he's a good sport and posed for the camera. i do believe that he went so far as to actually blow out air and pretend...
then...this past weekend, since christy and bex and their families couldn't come down for christmas, dave...being the best husband in the world that he is...took me and jordy and mom to visit utah for the weekend. it was a quick trip, but fun to see everyone! we had a little white elephant gift exchange party and watched christmas movies and had caramel corn and read books and had fun together. the kids even got to go sledding a bit. (dave and i politely declined and opted for a movie inside instead) it snowed a ton and driving in it was...entertaining... :) thank heavens for glenn's 4-wheel drive truck or else we never would have made it. we sure are glad to be back home in the warm rain. whoever said you needed snow to have christmas was crazy!

here are some pictures:
at one point in our gathering, we found that simeon had climbed in the of course lia had to follow...

chex made us caramel corn... yummy! good job guys. it was gone WAY too fast. and jordy found a kernal in her teeth the next day. she was freaking out for about an hour of our drive saying "i have a cavity! my tooth hurts." then, she found a toothpick and had to show everyone the kernal.

and this isn't from our trip, but i just love this picture of dad-richard and jordy...

here's everyone (minus dad) at the sugus after our party. nata's giving jordann bunny ears and i'm assuming chip is using the monkey to hold a space for his coming baby. :)

my good sport husband posing for yet another picture. :)

happy christmas eve everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2008

two oNes

so here is number 2. i'm SUPER excited that it turned out! let's be honest...the second time around was MUCH easier. :)
yay! now we get to hang them!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

she's cRAfty (iN the immoRtAL woRds of the beAstie boys)

How cute is this!? Yes...I made it! super fun! I'm so excited that it turned out as well as it did. Now I just have to make one more...

Jordy came over last weekend and we made a gingerbread house. We usually do them every thanksgiving, but it didn't work out this year, so she and I put one together a few days later. We were SO proud of our 1 hour gingerbread house creation...and we didn't even use superglue once!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

suNdAy wiLL come

as you may already know, Elder Wirthlin passed away last night...just got me thinking about what a great man he was. i remember clearly his talk titled "Sunday Will Come" just after his wife passed away. holy smokes. what an inspiration of faith. then, his talk "Come What May, and Love It." that talk has helped me through so many fears and helped me to trust and be happy. this morning on my way to work, i happened to listen to "Praise to the Man," by the mormon tabernacle choir and was thinking about the incredible leaders that have come before us and paved the way for us. i am so grateful for inspired leadership and for the knowledge that i have that God still speaks to us.
what an incredible man. Elder Wirthlin will be missed and i'm so grateful for the messages he has shared.