Monday, June 28, 2010


definitely a bit of spoiling action in this preview... but OH. MY. GOSH. this mama is peeing her pants and crying at the same time. i cannot wait! if you can't find me come november, it's because i'm doing some reading in preparation... sure hope this little lady will cooperate!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

joRdy's biRthdAy

Okay, to finish out the past month, we had a birthday party for the jordster. seriously can't believe she is 12! time goes by SO fast! we had SUCH A FUN PARTY! of course, it was a pool party. :) AND we tye-dyed shirts! SO MUCH FUN!hattie helped. :)and dave and i made onesies!then, since chex was involved in the party planning, of course there was a messy event. :)but jordann got attacked with the majority of the mess. :) guess that's what happens when you're the birthday girl!
Happy Birthday Jordann! we sure do love you. :)

I guess it's beeN A whiLe...

i never mean to let this go unposted for so long. sometimes life just gets ahead of you. :) we sure have been busy but we're loving every minute of it! Here are a few things we've been up to...

cousin Katy-nana brought her babies down to the beach in May and we had SO much fun hanging out with them! They are such fun kids!
At the end of may, we went to Oahu with dave's family. SO MUCH FUN!
chex happened to take a trip the same week, so we got to spend a little time with them there. this is perhaps one of my favorite pictures of all time! :) Hattie loves that camel back!of course, glenn found a friend. haha. they were EXACT twinners. and when we pointed it out to the guy, he just laughed and laughed. and of course, posed for a picture for us. :)and of course we ate plenty of this... mmm. i could eat that stuff every day! Sorry to any Matsumoto's fans, but Shimazu kicks it's butt. :)Then, the first week in june, we went to santa barbara for my cousin's wedding. it was a short trip, but nice to spend time with family. :) on the way home, we stopped at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. It was super cool to see.
Old Air Force One. that thing is HUGE!and a piece of the Berlin Wall. So crazy to think of everything this signifies...and i'm gonna put the rest up in a new post... i'm sick of dragging pictures down...