Tuesday, July 22, 2008

is that my niece!?

when christy's kids were here, sami really wanted me to straighten her hair so she could see how long it was. holy smokes. she loved it! and looked gorgeous!!! so i had to put these up so you can see.

isn't that crazy!!! doesn't even look like the same person! she's all growed up and beautiful. :) when did my little baby turn into this gorgeous girl?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

notes to self

  • pan that has been heated to 400 degrees should not be grasped without a hotpad. especially with a wet hand...

  • combination of levels of burns all over the palm and fingers of the hand is a VERY painful experience and is incredibly annoying for a normal functioning adult.

grrr. i hate when i do stupid things. i took it out of the oven the right way...then went to grasp it and heard a burning sound. dave didn't know what to do cuz i'm super stubborn, especially when i'm in pain. (sorry love...i've gotta work on that...) but he took such good care of me. he took me to the doctor yesterday (he's the best...or he was trying to get out of work...) and she recommended fresh aloe plant and neosporin until the blisters open. it looks MUCH better, but is still super achey. it was looking like a pink shriveled alien hand, so i'm grateful for the aloe!! oh man. life's grand adventures...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

its de best!

holy smokes. we've been busy this week. christy's in town with the kids, so i've been playing with them a bunch. dave comes when he can, too! thursday night we went to sea world after work. oh man! so much fun. dave hasn't been there in years and i was so excited to show him everything. christy's little lia just wanted to be by him the whoooole time! it was cute. then, on friday, i got to go up to san clemente and see nata and jordy at surf camp! they are the bestest little surfers i've ever seen. we had fun playing on the beach and in the sand, too. on saturday, i went to the wild animal park with christy and the kids cuz david had work to do. poor jordy had pink eye so she had to stay home. she sure was missed. when i got there, lia said "kimmy-david!" i said "no, david had to work at home." and she said "where david go?" it was cute. here are some fun pictures. as for the blog title, we just love being in san diego county...close to EVERYTHING! its de best!

our first ride on a manatee! yippee!
and then waiting for the shamu show...

jordy buried in the sand. teaching lili how to take pictures of ourselves...she took this one all by herself! pretty good, huh?awww...sisters. we missed you bex and jordy...

lia after she finished rolling down the hill. she is such a funny kid!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hey mommy...is that Einstein!!!? no, it's grandpa.

I was just looking at wedding pictures and HAD to post this picture of dave's dad. Apparently, they went on a cruise to mexico and some local said "hey, that guy looks just like Einstein!" coolest thing ever that our kids will have this for a grandpa. LOVE IT!

ceiling fans!!!

so i guess i never really learned to appreciate ceiling fans and central lighting until we moved into our condo...the first thing dave noticed when we walked in to look at the place was "well, we'll have to take off the popcorn ceilings..." now, having lived in ghettos all over provo, that was the last thing i would have noticed...but i fully supported the idea. i had NO idea what we were getting into!!! what a project! along with the popcorn ceilings came no central lighting (except in the closet of all places)...which gets REALLY annoying when you only have one light and have to switch it from room to room when you need it... so... down came the ceilings. oh man. what a mess. but kinda fun. don't know if you've ever seen it, but it comes down in SHEETS of gunk. kinda cool. kinda gross. makes me wonder who ever came up with that stuff and what is he doing now? haha. and i must say, if you're gonna do something that messy, do it with someone you love. makes it more fun. :)
once the ceilings were down, we had a visit from dave's parents and Glenn brought his trusty tools. i came home from work to find lines drilled in the ceiling and down the wall, working around the crown molding fortunately, and wires going from the light switch to a plate in the middle of the room. THANKS GLENN!!! dave patched up the holes and began the texturizing. holy smokes. he is the BEST texturizer (so we hear...). a few weeks later, we painted...and then finally this week...we have ceiling fans in all the rooms!!! SO exciting. lights with dimmers and fans and they are so pretty and i'm so excited. anyway, here are a few pictures. just have to give props to the bestest husband in the world for doing all this to make our house into our home. you should all come see us, even if it's just to see the ceilings. :) next project...color! i'm so excited.

just so you can see the fantastical texture on the ceiling. i LOVE how it looks like little islands. haha.

almost there!!!

isn't that fantastic!!!?!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

packages, boxes and bags!!!

just have to announce...i'm officially finished going through ALL my crap. and i mean all of it. i've condensed to just a "few" boxes that fill up most of the closet in our spare bedroom. when we first moved in, i thought "i don't have much stuff..." and then the loads started coming from the parent's house...oh man. poor dave. since most of his stuff burned, it looks like i get to take on the lead role of pack-rat. he moved in with a grand total of 3 totes of storage. and i think it took him an hour to go through them all. i've done SO well though...much was thrown away. even more was re-packed (in a much more efficient manner). but, at least i can say i'm done for a few years. and now we can sit down and watch movies again without me feeling like i have to go through boxes and keep saying "dave, you've gotta see this..." haha. oh, the stuff i've kept... :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy birthday to dad...and america

we had a birthday party for dad/richard last night...just wanted to post some pictures. and happy fourth. :)

Here you go...

awww. matching ponytails!!! jordy is finally breaking down and wearing the occasional pony. i think it makes her look just like christy. what do you say?

just a random grandma k shot. classic. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

here we go...

so...we're officially bloggers.