Monday, February 28, 2011


she's such a big girl that it breaks my heart! but I love how fun she
is lately. last night she started laughing when I started singing and
I couldn't stop laughing she just stared at me wondering
what was so funny. which of course had me laughing harder. so fun.

Friday, February 25, 2011

my favorite toy

I've had this music box for probably ten years. I bought it on a whim
in a toy store in Logan while visiting my sister. I cried when I heard
the song after my grandpa died because it reminded me of him. he was
learning to play the piano just so he could play this song. and I love
that lydi reaches for it when she sees it...makes all that time
carting it around worth it.
plus...aren't her Jammies the CUTEST things ever!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RoLLiNg oveR

today my Lydi fell asleep like this

and woke up like this...

so funny. i heard her scratching her fingers on the bed instead of crying... that's her new thing. Everywhere you lay her down, she reaches her hands out to whatever she can find and scratches to make noise.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A bLessiNg

We blessed our little monkey on December 26th. We had ALMOST the whole family there. it was so great. we did get the whole family to the park afterward for lunch...but we didn't get the camera out there. :( it was such a great day and Lydia and her dad did great. It was super funny because Lydi was trying to sit up the whole time. She wore a beautiful dress that her Grandma Dana made for her. Such a wonderful day

becAuse my fRieNd is AmAziNg!

so my incredible friend Susan took some incredible pictures for us when i was pregnant and when my baby was brand new. and i am in love. despite the fact that i was ever that huge! but my baby sure was cute!!! ...well, she still is. :) enjoy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

mobiLe moNkey

so i've been way busy lately and not so good at updating. i love that i can update from my phone but sometimes hesitate to put the picture from my phone when i have way better ones on my camera. only problem is, i never get on the computer to get pictures from my camera. i'm sure there are others out there with this same problem... and i still have yet to find the solution... except when i find a glorious moment or two without the monkey in my arms and the dishes already done and the laundry folded. oh wait, i actually just decided i didnt care about those last two and sat down anyway. :) here are some of my favorite pictures lately...
at sea world...looking so big in her stroller!
first time in the swing. i don't think she even noticed... but it was fun for me :)
with auntie jo jo. the outfit she's wearing was jordy's when she was that little. crazy how fast 12 years can go! i have so many memories of her in it!
proof that we do hang out with dad. one of my favorite days ever. dave got up for work only to come back a few minutes later and tell me that he was staying home to spend the day with us. he's usually so very busy with work and school that it was such a treat!
from her first day at the beach. i just love her eyes in this one.
from christmas time, but i just love how close in age these two monkeys are. i hope they are the best of friends! and bex new baby is gonna be right behind!
i just LOVE this face!
moments after rolling over the first time. did i mention that she rolled over this week! (hence the title of this post...) i have it on video cuz i just happened to be filming her. she was so funny. she just smiled at me afterward like "haha. here i go!"
and this picty is from the beach this morning. she just loves being at the beach. she jumps when her feets are in the sand and laughs at the waves. and plus, any time she can watch hattie run around makes her smile and smile. so fun. i just love being this little girl's mom.