Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i know...i know...

i know... we are SO slow to post.  wow.  2 kids is a whole new ball game!!! so here is an update for those that need it...
we have had a whirlwind summer with keeping a toddler busy, and lots of family coming and going while still getting ready for another kid!  we had baby number two late july.  she was, just like her big sister, FASHIONABLY late!  a full 2 weeks.  but she came just in time on her own and she paid mom back with a great labor and delivery.  once again, super hard and intense, but moderately short.  definitely a different experience when you are busy chasing a toddler in the daytime instead of leisurely napping and reading every day like i did before lydia was born!  but she was delivered in exactly the same room in the birthing center where we had our lydia and she came out so healthy and happy and has been SUCH  joy to have in our family.  it's funny how up until the minute they come, you can't imagine life with another kid... and moments after they are out, it's like you don't know how you survived without them. :)  we named this little monkey Layla Jackie. she came out GINORMOUS at 8 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches.  and she has been growing ever since.   in fact, she will be 6 weeks tomorrow (are you kidding me!?!?!?!) and we had a dr appt today... ya, she's over 12 pounds.  as you can guess, she's a great eater and an awesome sleeper!  so many great things have happened and i have been horrible at keeping track this time, but i'll sum it up with she has been such an angel baby and her big sister LOVES her!  when she cries (like...never...) lydia says "baby...sad..." and brings her a blankie or a paci or comes and gets me.  it's so cute to see your kids fall in love with each other!  when her big sister walks in the room, layla looks around and finds her and watches her and smiles at her.  i am so in love with both of them!  and i am LOVING having two.  not gonna lie, i'm way exhausted and definitely know that life as i know it has changed forever, but i don't want to miss a moment because i know how fast it goes.  i am soaking up the fun and just getting through the hard.  think that's the only way we can do it. :)  here are a few pictures since i'm sure i have MOMENTS before one or both of them wake up...enjoy!!!  i promise, i'll try to be better at posting, but let's be honest...quiet moments to myself are pretty rare. :)
 1 month
1 week

2 weeks

1 week

1 day
i'll get some more recents when i upload from my camera.  :)