Wednesday, January 28, 2009

is for fun

some january highlights...

i got to have some much needed lily-time

we had a most excellent rock band evening with chex

and dad got to eat spam...

other than that just working away and loving life. i must share this morning i was heading out the door for work and noticed this new little friend that moved into our house...
dave said we should cook with him, but by the next day, he was gone. nice to have a visitor though. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

decembeR is a bLuR!

holy smokes! we had such a great christmas and new years. it all went way too fast. here are some highlights...

we spent christmas eve just the two of us and had potato cheese soup (yummy!) it was so great to be together. then we had red and green cinnamon rolls for breakfast christmas morning. i started making them in cupcake tins once because i ran out of pans and dave LOVES them. apparently they are so much better that way. :)

santa was super nice to us and we loved just being together! i was awake all morning because i was so excited. i had to get up and shower and get ready for the day before i woke dave up.

christmas day we went to see jordy real quick so she could show us what santa brought. she got a leopard gecko and was SO excited!

then we went to the boshards for brunch and presents. i decided to make it a tradition to get glenn an einstein present every year for christmas. this year's was a keeper...

then back to the heimbacks for dinner. it was a great christmas and we were so glad to spend so much time with family. we sure missed chex and the sugus. but were so glad we got to see them right before.

the weekend after christmas we went to the festival of lights at the wild animal park. i LOVE the festival of lights and this is the last year. i really wanted dave to see it. it was so fun and so pretty! the lions were out growling and hunting and all the animals that are usually asleep in the day were awake. it was FREEZING so we didn't last long, but it was so neat to see. here are a few videos from my camera... years eve we went to sea world after work to catch the last of the christmas season shows. the shows were a bit cheezy...but SO fun to see all the lights and hear all the christmas music. afterwards we went to a party in pacific beach and made it home just in time to kiss at midnight and then pass out.
notice the hats on the people behind us! shamu tail santa hats! oh man. it was fantastical.

then i had to take jordy to the festival of lights cuz she couldn't remember ever going! we took her when she was a baby, but i guess it has been too long. we brought lila and mom-dana and had fun doing all the crafts and activities and riding the journey to africa tram. we are starting a new year and jumping back into life as usual. we're so happy and loving being together. i love this time of renewal just after a season of remembering the incredible love of our Savior!

we hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you're headed for a WONDERFUL 2009!