Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i guess i shouLd bLog...?

lately, i just haven't been feeling in the blogging mood! i feel like so much is changing so fast! but at the same time, nothing is really new! you ever get that feeling? haha. so i keep waiting around for something to happen that is blog-worthy, but then i remember that life is in the day to day. so, sorry for the boring update post with no pictures (sorry... no camera near by). haha. all we've been up to lately is getting our lives ready for the arrival of this little lady, so i'll just update you on a few of the things we've been doing.
first, everyone asks "do you have your baby's room all ready?" haha. one word answer. NO! when we first found out i was pregnant, i knew that meant i was going to have to pull all the boxes out and condense everything. unfortunately, i was so sick from day one, (well, week 4, to be exact) that i was largely confined to lying down and that process took MUCH longer than it should have! i finally took a weekend in june to gut the spare room and paint the walls. what a task! (a task that has been waiting since we moved in...) and i had to stop after each wall because i got so nauseated! oh the joys. :)
but, since i didn't want all the baby stuff we needed to be one big financial weight at the end, i have been buying stuff along the way as i found good sales. (seriously, an awesome way to go! i found SUCH great deals on craigslist and in stores that i was able to get exactly the things we wanted without feeling like the cost was going to kill us!) between that and our fantastic family and friends, we've got most of the big stuff covered. so i have spent a few hours every weekend getting that all organized (into piles later to be re-organized, of course, once everything gets setup). haha. so that is where we are at with that. and i am counting down my days at work so i will be able to finish that up in the few weeks before she comes.
another question i get all the time is about how i'm feeling, so i'll sum that one up. honestly, i have been sick from day one and it still hasn't gone away. it's let up quite a bit over the last month or so, but we are down to one month left and when it's not sick stomach, it's heartburn. but i have to admit, being at the tail end of it all has made me a much happier person! i realize that it is all worth it whenever she knees me in the ribs or has the hiccups. everyone told me the end would be the hardest, but i'm actually feeling the best i've felt yet... one month left and i'm sure i'll be getting that uncomfortably huge feeling soon.
but this little lady is healthy and that's all that we care about! it's amazing how you really can get through anything when you trust that it's for a purpose. we did have one little bump in the road when we heard that her ultrasounds looked like she had some kidney problem, but our midwife assured us that it almost always goes away (it totally did). the positive side of that was that we got to have an ultrasound again at 33 weeks. wowee! was that ever great! the first thing the technician said was "did you know that your baby has a ton of hair?" (um, how were we supposed to know that? haha) she showed us on the screen and it was crazy that she really does have hair on her head! and that you really can see it in a picture! so this is definitely dave's baby. hehe. he was born with a FULL head of curly blonde hair! i, on the other hand, was totally bald so it will be SO fun to see what she comes out looking like! oh yeah, and according to the ultrasound, one foot measured 6.9 cm. um, that HAS to be wrong? that's HUGE! we didn't get a final total size measurement so i have no idea, but wowee. she's gonna be tall. :)
we have been having our classes at the birth center the past few weeks and we are just getting super excited. we LOVE where we have chosen to deliver and we love our midwives. after the first class, we were both a little freaked out and dave's response to me at the end of the class was "i'm so sorry," but since then, we have felt more and more prepared. dave has been working hard to be ahead/caught up with work and his masters so that he can give us girls his full attention when the time comes.
in between all the crazy preparations, we are just loving this stage of our marriage. it is so neat to go through things together and realize that it is actually possible to love eachother more! we are SO grateful to be able to become parents and so excited for everything that is coming our way. we know it will be hard, but is there anything out there worth having that ISN'T hard!?