Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oNe moRe thiNg!

oops. forgot to post this one. so i have been keeping plants on our patio and last weekend i planted flowers in one of those window boxes. i have been watering them and taking care of them and could not figure out why they were not growing! so the other day at 5 am i went outside to put something out and find a cat taking a little tinkle in my flower box. i was SO mad! i yelled and kicked it. then, yesterday, went outside to find the thing had dug and dumped! i want to kill it!
dave had 2 suggestions. electric fence or ask dad where he got his squirrel trap... hmmm. any suggestions?

A few good thiNgs

sorry for this random post. we have been NON stop lately. i wanted to get some pictures up because i finally found the charger for my camera batteries. sorry if some of the pics are blurry. some came off my phone.

by request, here are some of our house pictures. yes, bex. i came home from the store with a bunch of plants. :) here's my favorite. (the wall behind it is now sage green and looks amazing!

and here's the walls in the dining room. as i was going through pictures of grandma k, i found this one and i just love how short she is next to dave. haha. not the best picture of any of us, but i just love it. we were taking pictures because grandma's supposed to lose her hair soon. i'm not sure how, but she's on round 2 of chemo and still got lots. she even has super cute hats for the winter for when it goes.

last weekend, dave went to help his parents on their house and i went down to balboa park to meet andrea and we did the american heart association annual heart walk. it was AMAZING to see so many people. by the end we felt like cattle. it was so fun to see andrea though and so great to walk and talk and play. sure have missed that girl! we also got to go see grandma this weekend. kurt and chamaine brought baby ansley down to see her too. oh my goodness, she's adorable! SO tiny and precious!
and this one's for the bex. most people may or may not know...i'm obsessed with flan lately. i go to dinner just to eat flan. when bex was here a few weeks ago, we made flan and ate it super hot out of the oven at like midnight. oh goodness. it was delicious. my caramel is so much better than any restaurant. the custard definitely tasted lower in fat than most...but super good nonetheless...
isn't it pretty? :) and we're off to disneyworld this weekend so there will be more pictures to come next week!

Monday, September 15, 2008

it's officiAL, we'Re stAyiNg...

i started painting this weekend. holy smokes. i finished the dining room in about 2 hours (yes, it's super small...). plus, i bought some plants and they are FANTASTICAL and brighten up the room. everyone should come see them!!! as i'm painting the wall with the fantastic colors i bought, dave says "so, i guess we're staying?" i didn't know that was up in the air still. haha. anyway, sorry for the lame posts of late, but i'm just so excited our little place is really ours. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

couLd it get betteR?

i hear that it does, but i can't even fathom it.