Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a few thiNgs...

just a few thoughts i am having and thus am gonna share...

first, i am so grateful for the relationship i have had with my grandma. she just passed away this week and i am so grateful for the incredible times we have had together, even the times we have fought like 2 teenagers... she has shaped so much of who i am today. i love so many things because she has shared her love of them with me. cooking, the 4th of july, being a wife, old jewelry (i STILL get compliments on some of her thrift store picks), the list goes on... i'm so grateful for those things and those memories. i'm so grateful i get to keep those memories even with her gone. i'm also grateful that dave got to meet her before she got so sick. she loves him and that means a lot to me. i'm sad my kids won't get to play with her here and all of the thrift shop toys she often brought home, but SO glad to know they get to know her on the other side. i sure will miss her. i'm so grateful to know she can be with grandpa forever. that amazes me.

second, i'm so grateful for the relationhip i have with my husband. we saw UP this weekend (HIGHLY reccommend it...) and i just couldn't stop crying. i am so glad to have every minute we have together. he is my best friend and makes me the best person i could be. every experience we have together reminds me that i am the luckiest girl in the world. and i love that he is mine forever. i love that our lives are now for each other come what may. and that every experience can be an adventure that teaches us something new. when we got married, i thought i loved him...but i realize now i had no idea how much i could love him. and i can't even imagine how i'll feel in 10 years and beyond.
yeah...i guess it's kinda weirdy to put those things on a blog, especially since neither of them will ever read this and its so not like me to get all emotional on here, but...too late for that now...

Friday, June 12, 2009

hAppy hAppy biRthdAy joRdy!!!

today is jordann's 11th birthday! I cannot even believe that 11 years ago today i was late for a spanish final my junior year in high school because my mom was in labor. and i missed amber's graduation and have never heard the end of it. and then that night we all got to meet our baby sister. the cutest little glow-worm i have ever seen. i can't even remember what life was like without that little booger in our family.

jordy, i'm so glad you are here. you are one of my favorite people to hang out with in all the world and i am SO glad to be your big sister. we love when you come hang out with us and we hope you have the BEST birthday ever. LOVE YOU!!!

xoxo, kimmydavid