Monday, November 12, 2012

babies are a girls best friend

whoever coined the phrase "diamonds are a girl's best friend" must never have had kids.  i would trade all the diamonds in the world to have my kidlets.  let's be honest, two kids is exhausting and i seriously get like 5 minutes total to myself a week, but i wouldn't trade it for the world.  i love these little monkeys.  lydia is the best big sister.  she loves her baby and loves to make her laugh.  she gets so excited to take a bath with her, to hold her, to share with her, to get her a toy... anything.  and layla just smiles and laughs the minute she sees her!  well...layla smiles and laughs at just about everything.  she is seriously a dream baby. since having two, i have been so scared to take them both anywhere by myself.  i can't really watch lydia too closely whenever layla needs to eat.  we've been sick with a cold so last week after all week being home, i thought i'd brave the wild animal park by myself.  WHAT A FUN DAY!  layla was so easy and lydia was such a good listener!  i'm just counting my blessings on that one.  she's such a good kid!  i keep waiting for the day when i wake up and she's "terrible!" 
so i know there's lots to share, but i'll just share a few highlights. 
lydia turned 2 in september!  we took her to disneyland (thanks to some awesome friends and family) and she loved it!  we actually got to go a few times over a 2 week span and it was so fun.  i've never been a HUGE disneyland fan...but it is SO cute to re-see it through her eyes. 
we had a yo gabba gabba party for her birthday.  she loved it.  and my friend made an AWESOME cake.  when we lit the candle and a piece of Plex melted, lydi said "uh-oh!  plex!" 
lydia is talking like crazy.  true, half of it only mom and dad can understand...but she is soooo good at communicating what she wants.
layla was 14 pounds at her 10 week appointment...and she sleeps like 10 hours straight every night!  (if only mom could not be a freak and just sleep to!  i'm up a million times just checking on them both.  the joys of being a mom...)  she's now 3 1/2 months and i should probably weigh her...she's ginormous.  and seriously the happiest thing i've ever seen.  she's so fun.

okay... i think that's all i have time for.  i hear one of them.  enjoy the pics. :)