Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"No moRe of this dRiviNg to utAh stuff..."

i feel like all of our posts lately have been about how busy we are! so...sorry, but we have been busy! but here's a quick photo update...

christy and i took the kids to the wild animal park for the last few days of the butterflies... one landed on sami's leg. apparently she has sweet skin. :) all the kids were enthralled.

for some reason this picture makes me laugh so hard. dad-richard found a box of "free stuff" in the dumpster. gotta give him points for creativity with this outfit. :)

little nutsy decided to put strawberries on her fingers like olives. i later knew i had found them in the bowl when i discovered my strawberries had holes in the bottom. i showed her how to dip them in sugar and eat them like we always did...but she just dipped them and licked them off. haha

I LOVE THIS FACE! isn't she so cute! she's coming to visit and i CAN'T WAIT! come play with us hattie (and please bring your mom.)!we got to make it to one of jay's arena games. so much fun to watch them play! notice anything different about this face? :)

on our drive home, dave and i both agreed that we need a break from the whole going to utah thing, but we sure are always glad to spend time with family. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

foLLow up

we've been super busy and have a lot to post about, but for the time being, i had to post a quick follow-up post. last time i mentioned eating our cake on our one year anniversary and how we didn't know why we do it... well, i did some investigating. apparently, back in the day, around your 1 year anniversary, you were getting ready to welcome another to your family (, we're not. just an FYI in advance... ) so instead of making another whole cake for that, you would just use the leftover wedding cake. since this was in the days when cakes were made differently, they preserved well and still tasted good. anyway, there's the tradition. for any of you who, like me, were wondering. :)