Tuesday, September 22, 2009

do you ever...?

do you ever log on to read blogs and then get sad cuz no one has updated? i do that ALL the time and then realize "um, hello kim...you haven't updated either...!" haha. well since i haven't taken any pictures on my phone since hawaii and that's where i'm posting from, this is what you get...

as a quick update... we are keeping super busy! Dave started another semester of his masters so he's nonstop. I'm taking a tennis class and working in the temple so I keep plenty busy. but between it all, we love making time to be together :) we went to restaurant week in downtown sd last weekend and LOVED it. indigo grill is SO good and it's so much fun to have an excuse to go down there. we (well, mostly Dave) also finished our tile in our house last week and it's been SO nice to put everything back where it goes. now we're just trying to decide which project comes next...oh the joys of your own home :) we love it!