Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011


11 months

I cannot believe this girl is 11 months old. we are counting down the days until she is one and i just wish i could freeze time! and yet, it gets more and more fun every day! she started walking this weekend and went from 2-3 steps to walking everywhere completely on her own overnight. it's like we skipped something in the middle. i couldn't believe how fast it happened. she's such a fun little monkey though. we have had SUCH a great summer! i remember thinking when she was born that it was horrible timing because she was going to be a little baby all winter... but WHAT A FUN AGE for her first summer! she loves the beach. she loves to play and laugh outside on the grass. she loves going for walks anywhere and everywhere. she LOVES to eat cheerios. she loves sea world and the wild animal park and all the animals she sees. but she especially loves being around kids. she gets so excited when she sees kids...especially kids she knows. she makes me laugh so hard. so here are some fun pictures from our summer. (can you believe it's over!?!?!) they are totally out of order, but whatever...