Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A bLoggiNg hiAtus...but with ReAsoN!

Phew! what a month! On Thanksgiving, my grandpa H passed away. He was such a great man and will be very missed, but I'm going to dedicate a separate blog post to that. The funeral was a week later and it was good to get together with family. Funny how as we get older, it seems that the only times we really all see each other are at funerals! I hate how that happens!

all the heimback kids grown up...

jordy and all the great grand kids at the gravesite

all the family minus chip and jay (who still had finals...)

since my sisters came down for the funeral, they stayed for a few weeks so we've had a lot of Simpson/Sugu time.

We've been celebrating birthdays...

and just hanging out ...

then my friend Kirsten and her husband Dallas came into town for the week. It was so fun to spend time with them in SD! I took Kirsten to the Wild Animal Park... Then we went to see the lights at Hotel Del. GORGEOUS! I love Coronado Island!

Then I took Kirsten and Dallas to the Zoo... (apparently it was a yellow day...)

Kirsten is one of my greatest friends from the Provo days and it was so great for Dave and I to get to spend time with her and her husband. There are some friendships that you can't describe in words...and the one I have with Kirsten is one of them.The family also got to watch Jordy's all-star tournament and it was a long, but fun day together.

Then we had a family christmas party before Chex had to leave. Poor dave got called to work. :( and missed it. dangit! we ALMOST got all of the Heimback side in one room!

lia got the coolest present in our gift exchange...
and, of course, we are just loving finding time together amidst all the other adventures going on this time of year. we sure do love being together. what a blessing to be married to your best friend. :)
Funny, being this busy has made me feel a little crazy... like this...

but i'm so grateful for the time to spend with such great people. We probably won't see these UT kids for quite a while since everyone's so busy with Master's programs and I miss my sisters so much when they're gone... so what a better way to spend December than with people you love...celebrating the most wonderful time of the year! We are so blessed to get to live so close to both of our parents and so much family. It makes these special times even better!

We hope everyone is having a merry christmas time!