Friday, October 28, 2011

and while i'm thinking about it...

I never posted anything about my baby's first birthday. it's not that i didn't think about writing something a million times. it's more of how do you sum up the happiest year of your life. i cannot believe how happy being a mother has made me. i love my little munchkin. she makes me laugh every single day. we both just sit at the end of the day when the stories are read and the prayers are said and are sad that the day is over and we have to put her to bed. she really is so even tempered and sweet most of the time. so... just as i'm sitting up letting my legs rest from p90x before i head to bed, i just figure i'll take a minute to list some things that i'm loving about my 1 year old. she...
LOVES books. she has favorites and when i can't find her in the house, it's usually because she has pulled books off the shelf and is sitting there reading them out loud.
knows the hand movements to "popcorn popping" and does them all at the right time...and then claps at the end
started saying "boo" and poking her head around the corner
comes running EVERY time a bathroom door opens screaming "ba" (which means bath)
loves to lay on my shoulder in the middle of the night when she wakes up to eat. she will easily go back to bed, but sometimes i like to just enjoy that moment. sometimes she will blow a raspberry on my shoulder or neck and then giggle
pushes her doll stroller wherever she goes. she yells if it doesn't fit between 2 things to come with her
ADORES babies and reaches up to tickle them whenever she sees one
smiles nonstop.
shakes her head yes and no. she's much better at no than yes, but the yes is so cute because her whole body moves with it
LOVES to dance and thinks i'm so funny when i dance and sing to her
stands by the door and waits when she hears me get my keys. today she even said bye and waved to me and then turned and faced the door...

and now my brain is getting tired... haha. you can imagine why i don't sit down and do this more often.
i don't even have a picture of her first birthday party to share yet. friends and family had their cameras and i haven't taken a minute to get them from them... but it sure was cute how she wouldn't even taste her cake... but kept pulling it apart to feed jojo. i'm so excited as i watch those moments to see the little person she is shaping up to be. i love to see bits of that person inside...


a few things we have been up to... in no particular order. :) enjoy!