Monday, June 17, 2013


life is not perfect.  i know.  there are rough days...that sometimes stretch into rough weeks...but if someone had told me before i had kids that i could ever be this happy, i would never have believed them.  obvi...or i would have been in a bigger rush to get here!  haha.  these monkeys truly make life complete.  and i im in love.

i am a horrible blogger.  mostly cuz i hate my computer.  but also largely cuz i'm busy.  and sitting down at a computer i hate is not enticing.  but just in case you wondered, we are alive.  and we are busy living life.  missing the friends and family we don't see.  enjoying the ones we do. making memories along the way.  i am loving and hating watching these girls grow up in front of my eyes.  it's so fun to see them grow and change and learn...and it hurts how fast its already going.  my lydia is so big and smart.  and so sweet.  my layla smiles at any opportunity and is so patient with a mom who is busy.  she just latches on my hip or in my pouch like a little spider monkey and comes along.  they make everything more of an adventure.  i just love our little family.  and i wonder what i did to deserve such tender sweet kidlets.  i know it will be moments before they are grown up and leaving us behind so i am trying to embrace every moment.  even the not so perfect ones.  :) 

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